Supporting Women and Children

through Disaster Relief and Community Engagement

Together we reached 6240 Ukrainian Refugees

AMURTEL Romania  just recently wrapped up two years of supporting the mental health and resiliency of 6250 Ukrainan refugees within the bigger “Care for Ukraine” project funded by CARE-FONPC-SERA.   We want to celebrate and appreciate the dedication and hard work of our team, in which Ukrainian women like Natalia, Cristina and Gunaratna took the leadership to help their fellow citizens.

We also recognize that none of it would have been possible without the initial outpouring of support that all of you sent so that we could immediately get a team on the ground.


AMURTEL, directed and managed by women, provides disaster relief and works with women and children to build local capacity. With a focus on community self-direction, our projects target progressive education, financial self-sufficiency, health, and the creation of nurturing homes for children in need.



AMURTEL provides immediate disaster relief in the aftermath of natural and human-made disasters. Partnering with other organizations, we provide basic needs to the affected communities, including food, and medical care and post-disaster cleanup. To support recovery from trauma, we establish child friendly spaces and provide psychosocial support.