Supporting Women and Children

through Disaster Relief and Community Engagement

Video by Melinda Endrefey, Amurtel Emergency Mental Health Trauma Psychologist.

Morocco needs you!

The recent earthquake in Morocco has brought suffering to thousands. With rescue efforts finding survivors underway, it is too early to know how many thousands have perished, how many more are wounded, and how many have lost their homes and livelihoods.  Amurtel, alongside Amurt, our partner in disaster relief, will be providing psychological trauma support and providing child-friendly spaces for displaced children.
We realize this is close on the heals of our appeal for support for relief efforts in Maui, Hawaii, and in Turkey. And before that asking for help supporting those affected by the ongoing war in Ukraine. These are difficult times, and Amurtel is committed to helping the most vulnerable whenever and wherever we can.  Your continued support is gratefully appreciated.

Amurtel supporting recovery in Maui, Hawaii

The devastating fire that left most of Lahaina in ashes burned over 2,000 structures, mostly homes, and estimates are that more than 500 people have died. 111 bodies have been found, but only 3% of the area has been covered and many people are missing with the recovery effort ongoing.
Below is a report from Steve Phillips, general manager of Local Harvest, Amurt/Amurtel volunteer, and resident of Lahiana.

All donations will be used to provide food and other basic necessities for those effected by this horrific fire. Thank you for your support.

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Didi and the Children Evacuating Port au Prince!

The time has come to relocate our children at Amurtel’s center in Port au Prince Haiti.

Why Leave? We have closely monitored the increasing violence in and around Port au Prince over the past year.  Bullets were recently found in our playground, and with gunfire becoming a normal part of each day, along with the mounting death toll in neighboring communities, it is clear it is too dangerous for the children to stay.

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AMURTEL, directed and managed by women, provides disaster relief and works with women and children to build local capacity. With a focus on community self-direction, our projects target progressive education, financial self-sufficiency, health, and the creation of nurturing homes for children in need.



AMURTEL provides immediate disaster relief in the aftermath of natural and human-made disasters. Partnering with other organizations, we provide basic needs to the affected communities, including food, and medical care and post-disaster cleanup. To support recovery from trauma, we establish child friendly spaces and provide psychosocial support.