Aireko Visit


We met with Melvin Rodriguez of Aireko on Thursday in Caguas. Aireko is a 50-year-old construction company with 3 arms: maintenance, new construction and energy; it is part of the Amicus Consortium. We reviewed the plans, Nancy asked him to translate the one-pager and he offered to visit sites with us.

He spoke about his personal experience of life without power. The first 3 weeks: “Total chaos.” After water and food, he emphasized that communication was the biggest challenge, more so than lights. He has a generator that he runs from 6 pm to 6 am; he costs him about 6-8 gallons and $120 per week to have this power. He is confident that his neighborhood will get power within the next two weeks. But he was also confident two weeks ago that it would be about 2 weeks before power…

He talked about the small, remote communities that are lowest on the priority list for power turn on, and the need to first energize the commercial places. For some of these small communities, power may not get restored until summer. There are even some towns, for example Catanos near San Juan, that the government is saying may never get hooked back onto the grid. He has some workers that live in the Naguabo regions and may have some towns that we might want to visit. He will check on this.

Aireko is committed to moving the trailers from the San Juan port of entry to the communities; he casually said that he could handle storing 2-3 of the units at Caguas before the get transported to the community. We did not discuss long-term storage, but can in the future. Nancy asked about moving from Jacksonville to PR and he is looking into this.