To all our supporters, providers and those we help:  This is a new and challenging crisis we are all facing; one that is not isolated to a particular part of the world.  While addressing needs that are coming up daily, we ask everyone to please shelter in place- meaning stay where you are. If possible try to maintain physical distance from others while maintaining emotional closeness.  Offer kindness and support to those you can, whenever you can. Look for opportunities to help those who are struggling- below are some suggestions. And please don’t hesitate to reach out if you find yourself needing assistance. Our AMURTEL team will do what we can to help.

Suggestions for helping others while staying healthy:

Check in with your smaller community- if you are in an apartment/condo complex or a neighborhood, reach out through email/telephone/texting/putting up a sign– is everyone ok? Is anyone feeling sick or in need of essential supplies? Create a network for staying connected.

Work with your smaller community to ensure everyone has food, safety and what they need to be healthy. Find the contact info for local resources and share this with your community. If most people in your community are self- isolating, perhaps one or two low risk people can go out to secure needed provisions for the whole, of course wearing gloves, etc, and drop things off at a pick up point where people can access them.

Are there needs in your larger community you might assist with, without putting yourself or family at risk?
Food deliveries to those who can’t go out. Especially elderly or those who are sick. Those who depend on food from a food shelf
Picking up medicines and dropping them off outside people’s homes?
There are a number of online courses, programs, podcasts, etc that are uplifting and provide support to individuals and communities facing the isolation that comes from lack of social contact.  Perhaps you can find a few and share with others.
Offer a calming voice to those who are experiencing anxiety.

There may be a need for face masks in your area- perhaps you and/or others around you can sew some to give to medical personnel or others who have to spend time interacting with others- (think post offices, food stores, etc).

Remember they must be made 100% cotton material.  The straps to hold them on can be elastic or cotton. Here are some links to how to make them, and youtube offers dozens of videos showing how to make masks.

It is easy to make hand sanitizer if you have the ingredients. Perhaps small containers can be made up and given to those who are most at risk.
Recipe for DIY hand sanitizer:
mix two-thirds of a cup of 91 percent isopropyl alcohol with one-third of a cup of aloe vera. You can also add eight to 10 drops of scented oil if you want to smell nice????

We here at AMURTEL use a special mantra/song that has been shown to uplift spirits and improve one’s immune system. The words are Baba Nam Kevalam,  meaning- Love is all there Is, or There is Only the Sacred/Divine.  This is a non-denominational song, and can be listened to or sung aloud. You can use any tune that comes to you, and there are sites that are now offering this song online you can join with. Here is one nice link for listening to this song:

Many of our programs have had to temporarily close, leaving a number of women and children without the support we have been able to provide in the past. We are currently assessing how we might switch gears to continue providing assistance to the most vulnerable.

Our wish for ourselves and each other- Let’s all try to be the best we can.