AMURTEL Responds to Flooding in Colorado

With rains continuing to frustrate rescue efforts in Boulder and surrounding areas on Sunday, September 16, flood waters are increasing in and around the city. Eight people are now presumed dead with hundreds still left unaccounted for in the rural and mountainous regions affected by the unprecedented storm. Rushing waters have cut off whole communities from contact, and entire hillsides have swept away, pulling homes and cars with them. Rescue workers are making progress, but efforts are difficult; muddy, rugged terrain has prevented helicopters from being able to access the areas in most dire need, and the landlocked city has few boats or water-ready vehicles to transport rescue workers and survivors.

AMURTEL is coordinating its disaster response from Denver with a team collecting supplies and partnering with groups in the Boulder area for distribution.  Supplies and financial contributions will be immediately allocated to persons affected by the storm. Supplies needed are: flashlights, socks, water, portable stoves, candles batteries, canned food, juice, and shovels; money donated will be used to purchase more of these supplies. If you’re in the area, please bring supplies to: 1224 Washington Street (a collection box is on the porch of the school) or 3644 Clay Street (box on front porch), Denver, CO.

Financial contributions may be made through the AMURTEL website by paypal or by check. Visit for details; add “Colorado” in the “Notes” section of a one-time or recurring donation. Or Click Here to get directly to a paypal page.

We will be helping families with the daunting task of clean up after the flood waters recede. If you would like to help out, please let us know.

Please contribute to this emergency situation and the continuing efforts of local AMURTEL volunteers during post-disaster cleanup and rehabilitation.