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Fall Hurricane & Earthquake Relief

Harvey: After helping out in shelters in Austin, our Amurt/Amurtel teams began working in Houston, helping families with clean up after the overwhelming floods from Hurricane Harvey. Our volunteers drive hours each day distributing large quantities of cleaning supplies, household goods, water and food to many families who have no means to come in to […]

Hurricane Harvey Response

AMURT and AMURTEL responded soon after the devastating hurricane pounded the Texas coast by mobilizing volunteers from across the US. Since then, the volunteers have been engaged in cleaning houses, distributing supplies and supporting survivors in Houston, Galveston and West Columbia. Harvey brought a different reality to people’s lives, with many losing everything in their […]

Louisiana Flood Relief

AMURT and AMURTEL Universal Relief Teams are responding to the floods in Louisiana that have now caused 13 deaths and has been labeled the worst US disaster since Hurricane Sandy. However, despite the severity of the situation, the disaster is not getting the attention that it deserves. Louisiana mother Harmony Hobbs, stated, “Almost everyone we […]

Spring Update on Greece

  It’s a hot day at the port, more like June than April. The sea breeze coming in over the water helps cools down the mothers and babies waiting outside our small camper cum Mother-Baby Area. We’re parked outside the port’s stone warehouse, a large windowless building converted into a temporary refugee shelter. Located midway […]

Amurtel Greece for Refugee Mothers and Babies

As thousands of refugees reach Greece’s shores daily, Amurtel focuses on the crucial needs of pregnant women, birthing women and mothers with small infants. These women and babies are greatly affected by the lack of stable shelter and routine, nutritious and culturally familiar food and emotional support. They often look exhausted and desperate to stop […]

Child Friendly Spaces in a hostile environment

In the white afternoon sun and dust, about a dozen children run through the barbed wire gate of the camp to one dirt hill after another, urging their plastic bag and stick kites into the air. Their numerous brothers and sisters stay behind with parents or the families living in shelters close to their own, […]

Taking refuge in Greece

A refugee woman from Syria gave birth to her son on the shore of Lesvos as soon as the boat transfering her family arrived from Turkey. The mother and the baby are safe and healthy thanks to the volunteers and doctors who were there. We are looking for volunteers who can commit time on a […]

NEPAL doctor’s report

Here is an account from Dr. Fazila Lalani, an ER physican from NY, who volunteered with Amurt Amurtel in Nepal immediately after the earthquake there in May. So, I arrived safe and sound, with amazing hosts who speak perfect English (which is great because a giggle erupts every time I try my Hindi). At every […]