You can send checks to: PO Box 232 Warren, VT 05674.

For other forms of payment please contact us.


Double Your Investment in AMURTEL

Your company, like many, may provide matching funds for your workplace contributions to AMURTEL. If your company does, contact us and we will help you fill out a matching gift form from your employer. With matching funds, you can double or sometimes triple your impact.”

United Way Contributions

If you give to United Way, either individually or through your workplace, you can designate a large portion of your contribution to AMURTEL. Contact your United Way representative or organization for more information.

You can help make a difference in the lives of women and children. Over the years your donations have helped start and sustain projects throughout the world. Your gift will be utilized for projects with the greatest need or you can support a specific project of your choice. Use the PayPal link to make your choice. AMURTEL accepts credit card, debit card or PayPal payments through PayPal.

Your generosity is sincerely appreciated!


I have been a supporter of AMURTEL for a number of years. As a retired educator I know how important it is to support an organization that is committed to providing educational opportunities for children, and especially for girls, who are often overlooked. I feel when i give a donation to AMURTEL the money is utilized in the best way possible – improving the quality of life for women and children in their communities.

While I haven’t been able to visit recently, I still remember vividly my most magical meditation during a visit to the Haiti Children’s Home. Awakened before dawn by the sweet voices of twenty plus tiny souls gathered in the candlelit hallway, their joy transcended the sheer weight of the poverty surrounding them. They live as a family, not as orphans, and have become family to me. I know from firsthand experience that the financial support my husband and I provide is stretched to its fullest to nourish their bodies, minds and souls. I can’t wait to return!

Regarding my volunteerism with and donating to this organization, however modestly, I am honored to be involved with the inestimable value of this work. As an advocate for women and children for all of my adult life, I believe that the uplifting of women lifts the family, society, and dare I assert, civilization. Your projects, accomplished worldwide, reap benefits that are life-affirming as well as life-saving.
My gratitude for all that you do.



When you donate $100 to AMURTEL, more than $90 dollars goes directly to the project you have chosen to support.