Fall Hurricane & Earthquake Relief

Harvey: After helping out in shelters in Austin, our Amurt/Amurtel teams began working in Houston, helping families with clean up after the overwhelming floods from Hurricane Harvey. Our volunteers drive hours each day distributing large quantities of cleaning supplies, household goods, water and food to many families who have no means to come in to the distribution centers.

Irma: We distributed food in Immokalee for the residents there who were hit hard by Hurricane Irma.

Maria: And now we are getting ready to send our teams to Puerto Rico as soon as flights are available to deal with the devastation from  Hurricane Maria. We are partnering with Amicus, a consortium of solar companies to design and deploy small solar-based charging stations to those areas looking at 6+ months before getting their electric restored. We will also be helping to distribute the desperately  needed supplies to the rural areas.

And then there is the earthquake relief in Mexico….our team is on their way to Oaxaca and helping to distribute aid to those who have lost so much.

A reminder: Amurtel is a registered non-profit 501 (c) 3. If you want to make a donation for hurricane relief or to help those recovering from the earthquakes in Mexico, know that all collected funds go directly to those in need. Thanks so much!