Uma Nivas 

Uma Nivas, a women’s community development project in West Bengal, was founded in 1978, with the goal of creating education, health care, and employment opportunities for women and girls. Many families in the area surrounding Uma Nivas live in extreme poverty, with high levels of disease, malnutrition and illiteracy.

Health Clinics

Uma Nivas is currently running several homeopathic clinics and workshops on health education for women

Girl’s Home

Umas Nivas has a home which provides a safe, loving environment for 24 teenage girls, who either have no family, or cannot live at home due to extreme poverty.

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India's school

Rahr Hostel

50 children ages 5-10 are currently living in this dormitory, which offers them a safe, healthy environment that makes it possible for them to attend primary school. At Rahr Hostel, the children receive daily nutritional meals, which helps combat the malnutrition which is so prevalent in this area.


Shillong Children’s Home and Primary School are located in an impoverished area of Shillong, Meghalaya, in northeastern India. Currently there are eight children, ages 4 to 19 years, living in the home. The younger children attend the primary school; the older children attend a secondary school that is located in the area.

India project


There are currently several primary schools, a girl’s high school, and low-cost or free dormitories to house the students.

The girl’s high school has over one hundred students registered. The school’s excellent standard has attracted families to place their daughters in safe care. Along with a strong academic curriculum, the students also learn music, song, dance, and take part in yearly performances.

The Uma Nivas soccer team plays in local tournaments, often with great results. The new primary school and Women’s College, under construction, will be finished in 2021.

If you wish to make a donation to the Uma Nivas home or the school projects at Ananda Nagar, please visit the India section of the Donation Page.