Instituto para el Desarrollo de las Communidades-Siemprevivas

Luisa Seijo Maldonado, director of the Instituto para el Desarrollo de las Communidades-Siemprevivas

Mahesh (Manuel Toledo) set up a meeting with Luisa. The Instituto is a University non-profit that works in the communities and engages students to contribute. She is a busy, energetic woman and said that this is the end of the semester so students are very busy with exams and presentations. It appears that it would be best for a student to accompany us, as some of them live in the targeted areas, can translate, get school credit. She could possibly go with us on Monday to Las Marias where there are 3 communities.– Anasco, Caballo, Lebija. Tuesday the students have presentations. She knows of a community in Naguabo— Pena Pobre– so I will ask Doug if that is the same community where he works.

Her office is where many of the donations are stored until they get distributed. If is piled high with flashlights, water filtration buckets, clothes, diapers. We will take supplies as we visit sites.