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Abha Light Foundation (ALF) has been working in villages throughout Kenya since 1998 to provide economically viable, affordable, and effective primary health care to the poor.

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  • Mobile homeopathic clinics
  • Abha Light College of Natural Medicine



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Abha Light is concerned with improving and maintaining the health of people through homeopathic and natural medicine, mobile and permanent health clinics, health training programs, and schools of homeopathy.  Homeopathy is nearly unknown in most parts of the African continent.  However, the high costs of conventional (allopathic) medicines leaves most people without access to proper health care.



ALF has treated thousands of patients through its mobile clinics program.  The mobile homeopathic clinics are a response to the need for inexpensive but effective medical treatment especially in the areas deprived of medical facilities.  ALF also has over 20 health centers, with more opening every year.  In Eastleigh Nairobi, Abha Light’s clinic sees a constant flow of patients from the surrounding slum areas of Mathare Valley and Eastleigh.  Most of the patients can’t afford to pay for their treatment; however, it is the policy of the clinic to never turn a person away for lack of payment.  Apart from a diverse spectrum of health problems of persons receiving treatment in the clinic, at least 75% of people accessing care are HIV+, resulting in heightened care concerns for recipients and staff.


Abha Light College

The Abha Light College of Natural Medicine was designed to train local people in the art of homeopathy and natural medicine.  The College regularly offers public workshops, seminars, and certification courses.  It also promotes the study of African indigenous medicinal and herbal knowledge.

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