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Mayanmar (Burma) was hit hard by cyclone Nargis on May 3, 2008. It was the worst natural disaster in East Asia since the tsunami of 2004. Most of the estimated 140,000 deaths occurred in the Southern Irrawaddy River delta region. The majority of people were killed by a tidal surge of 12 ft (3.5m), which impacted a further 2.5 million people by displacing them from their homes, livelihood activities, communities, and social resources.

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Immediate Food Relief

AMURTEL purchases food items in bulk locally in Myanmar, which are then rationed into family-sized bags. These are then distributed by trusted community groups to families and individuals in need. This emergency service has been continued as a post-disaster relief project to those persons whose livelihoods and food security were most severely impacted by the disaster.


To help child victims of the cyclone deal with the massive trauma they have suffered, AMURTEL sponsors and/or builds temporary schools and Child-Friendly Spaces implemented by local Myanmar organizations. These Child-Friendly Spaces provide shelter for children 3-6 years old and offer playgroup therapy, trauma healing, and supplementary feeding programs.

Integrated Development

AMURTEL and its international partners are working to rehabilitate whole areas consisting of several villages in an integrated development program covering food and resource distribution, housing repair and reconstruction, water and sanitation, infrastructure and livelihood projects.


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