Morocco needs you!

The recent earthquake in Morocco has brought suffering to thousands. With rescue efforts finding survivors underway, it is too early to know how many thousands have perished

Amurtel supporting recovery in Maui, Hawaii

The devastating fire that left most of Lahaina in ashes burned over 2,000 structures, mostly homes, and estimates are that more than 500 people have died. 111 bodies have been found, but only 3% of the area has been covered and many people are missing with the recovery effort ongoing.

Didi and the Children Evacuating Port au Prince!

We have closely monitored the increasing violence in and around Port au Prince over the past year. Bullets were recently found in our playground, and with gunfire becoming a normal part of each day, along with the mounting death toll in neighboring communities, it is too dangerous for the children to stay any longer.

Catastrophic Flooding Sweeps Across Vermont

One of the worse storms of the century raged across Vermont on July 10, causing catastrophic damage.

Earthquake Relief in Turkey

AMURTEL has begun relief efforts in Turkey, focusing first on getting blankets and food to survivors. Our teams area also preparing to set up Psychological Trauma counseling centers along with Child Friendly Spaces.

Ukraine Relief Effort

You can provide safety, protection and care to Ukrainian refugee children fleeing the bombs and shelling to the safety of Romania.

Hurricane Fiona Relief, Puerto Rico

With over a million people left without power or clean drinking water, Puerto Rico is reeling from the fury of Hurricane Fiona.

Flood Relief in India

Disaster Relief West Bengal India 2021 Flood Relief

Earthquake Disaster Relief in Haiti

2021 Earthquake Disaster Relief in Haiti

Covid Response in Mexico

Covid Response in Mexico 2021

Covid Response in India

Covid Response in India 2020

Hurricane Maria, Puerto Rico

Diaster Relief Puerto Rico 2017 Hurricane Maria

Earthquake Relief, Mexico

Earthquake Disaster Relief in Mexico 2017

Hurricane Harvey, Texas

Disaster Relief Texas 2017 Hurricane Harvey

Hurricane Matthew, Haiti

Hurricane Matthew Disaster Relief Haiti 2016 IDP camps

Flood Relief, India

Disaster Relief West Bengal India 2015 Flood Relief

Earthquake Relief, Nepal

Disaster Relief Nepal 2015 Earthquake

Flood Relief, Colorado USA

Disaster Relief Colorado 2013 Flood Relief

Flood Relief, Philippines

Disaster Relief Philippines 2012 Flood Relief

Earthquake and Tsunami, Japan

Disater Relief Japan 2011 Earthquake and Tsunami

Flood Relief, Pakistan

Disaster Relief Pakistan 2010 Flood Relief

Earthquake, Haiti

Disaster Relief Haiti 2010 Earthquake

Earthquake Disaster Relief, Peru

Disaster Relief Peru 2007 Earthquake