Puerto Rico after the Storm

Aftermath of the storm in Indieras Alta

Nancy and I toured through many regions where the power is still out. There are power company ‘brigades’ from Minnesota, Alabama, Texas but even so some will be out for months to come. Raymond, a security guard in Old San Juan who lives in Corozal, said the he can see the live power but ” we just need 200 more feet of power line.” He thinks it will be soon but stated that next time he will build a cement roof over his kitchen. Even the places where the power is officially ‘on,’ it is unreliable. Even if the government or PRIPA says a town has power, it usually means just the town center. That’s like Irasville having power but Route 17 doesn’t!

Internet is sketchy. Most people are using WiFi hotspots from their phone, so I have not had alot of access to upload photos. I will go to the University of Puerto Rico and try to log on there. Here are some initial images.