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The Romanian branch of AMURTEL–“Asociatia de Ajutor AMURTEL Romania”–was founded in 1995 by a group of  local and international women volunteers. After analyzing the needs in post communist Romania, AMURTEL specialized in the areas of inclusive education for children with special needs, and social services for abandoned children and youth.

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  • Familia Amurtel
  • Fountain of Hope
  • Sunrise Kindergartens


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Familia AMURTEL has operated as a children’s home since 1992, offering a loving, creative, and healing home to children in need of temporary or permanent housing and nutritional and educational resources. The home is located in Panatau, a small peaceful rural village in the Eastern Carpathian Mountains, and was designed to offer an alternative to the often overcrowded and negligent Communist state institutions.


Fountain of Hope

This after school center offers services to school children from the rural village of Panatau to support their continued education, offering hot meals and homework support for up to 30 of the most socially disadvantaged children in this small farming community.


Sunrise Kindergartens: Inclusive Neohumanist Education

The Sunrise Kindergartens in Bucharest actively models an inclusive approach, integrating children with special needs into a kindergarten curriculum specially designed to emphasize social inclusion from an early age in all of the children.

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VIDEO: Familia AMURTEL Panatau

VIDEO: The Fountain of Hope