Over 80,000 people have crossed the border so far, with about half of that number moving to other EU countries and the rest staying in Romania. Women and children are arriving traumatized, forced to flee with the clothes on their backs and to leave behind burning buildings, the unknown fate of family and loved ones, and no idea when they will be able to return home.

You can ensure children whose lives have been so brutally disrupted receive the opportunity to process their trauma, feel cared for and safe, and build resiliency in Child-Friendly Spaces (CFS). Drawing on extensive experience setting up CFSs in disaster situations, AMURTEL/EL is providing ‘train the trainer’ classes to fellow members of FONPC, (Federation of NGO’s working for Child Protection). We will assist in training 200 + psychologists in setting up 10 Child-Friendly Spaces. The CFSs will be in the border towns of Siret, Iași, Satu-Mare, Tulcea, București, Timișoara, Vaslui (Bârlad).

Once trained, these members will then train Ukrainian refugee parents and teachers to run the Child-Friendly Spaces. This ensures children are in environments where their language is spoken and provides employment for refugees.

AMURT/EL is putting together CFS starter packets, which will include therapeutic stories, toys, art supplies, musical instruments, sports equipment and other things that make the children feel welcome and connect with others. This weekend, an assessment team will be evaluating the needs directly at the border and planning the best way to support the efforts.

As this heartbreaking situation continues, AMURT/El is working with various agencies on resettling refugees across Poland and Romania. Funds raised will be also be used to provide food, shelter and clothing for those fleeing Ukraine. Already one family is on the way to stay in AMURTEL Romania’s farmhouse this week.
Thank you in advance for giving this crucial opportunity to children who are so vulnerable at this critical time. We are praying this situation will end soon, but in the meantime, we are all wanting to do the best we can for our friends and neighbors in Ukraine.

You can provide safety, protection and care to Ukrainian refugee children fleeing the bombs and shelling to the safety of Romania.