Centro Madre is engaged in supporting projects and initiatives that lead to self sufficiency.


Centro Madre seeks to improve the quality of people’s lives in Venezuela through personal and community transformation. We stimulate self-sufficiency by empowering the local population through community development projects, educational opportunities, and agricultural food security projects.

Agricultural and Educational Farming

In 2000, Centro Madre started an agricultural and educational farm in Barlovento, a region 2 hours east of Caracas. Beginning in 2017, it expanded and is now supporting the community center, Centro Prama, in Caracas, and farm, Ananda Yara, in Yaracuy.

The farming project aims:

  • Distribution of seeds to small farmers
  • Distribution of tools
  • Courses about organic agriculture
  • Courses for personal growth
  • Introducing crop diversity
  • Cooking courses for a diverse and healthier diet
  • Support small scale food processing industries such as a flour mill
  • Community outreach: getting to know their needs and potentials
  • Introducing solar cooking
  • Preventative health care

    Weekly Food Distribution

    For several years now, the Venezuelans have been living under the constant threat of survival. The existing economic and political crisis has been aggravated by Covid 19. Local food production is low. The government buys food, with increasing difficulty, on the international market.

    Centro Madre aims to support local farmers to guarantee food production for the local communities and supports Centro Prama with weekly food distribution in the streets of Caracas.

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    Venezuela food distribution

    Centro Prama Community Center Aims:

    • Food distribution to the most vulnerable
    • Courses for personal growth
    • Community outreach: getting to know their needs and potentials
    • Cooking courses for a diverse and healthier diet
    • Preventative healthcare