“We stand to create a powerful, dynamic and upsurging social consciousness, especially amongst women, so that they are inspired to rise, awake, abolish dogma, annihilate all symbols of slavery, and usher in a new era of coordinated cooperation and glorious achievement.” P.R Sarkar, Amurtel founder


AMURTEL is an international non-profit volunteer organization that partners with women to improve their quality of life. AMURTEL provides disaster and long-term relief for those suffering environmental, financial, physical, or political distress. Our programs support individuals and communities as they harness their resources to secure the basic necessities of life. AMURTEL renders service on many different levels and in many different ways, according to the needs of the area. Projects include schools, home for abandoned children, health services, feeding programs, vocational training, self-help groups, and micro-credit lending cooperative. Many of our project directors are women who have embraced the yogic path/lifestyle and have recognized that service is an integral part of their yogic practice.


AMURTEL was founded in 1975 by philosopher, social reformer, revolutionary, composer, linguist, humanitarian and spiritual master P. R. Sarkar to respond specifically to the problems faced by women and children in their struggle to meaningfully develop in all areas of life. AMURTEL is an organization managed by women, for women.

AMURTEL helps to build solutions with women around the world to gain greater self-sufficiency and economic independence. Methods that break the cycle of chronic poverty include strategies that raise the standard of health and education of women and their children.

We seek local solutions. AMURTEL understands that there are no ready-made solutions to problems of poverty. Every situation is unique and requires its own local solution. Because our field directors are already based in the areas they serve, they are better able to promote a solution that is suitable for each particular set of circumstances. This translates, for example, into small business cooperatives for poor urban women in the Philippines, neighborhood homes for abandoned children and  infants in Mongolia, drinking water supply programs in Ghana and  pre- and primary schools for underprivileged children in Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Haiti, India, Jamaica, Thailand, Nicaragua and Kenya.


The mission of AMURTEL is to alleviate suffering and to provide immediate and long-term relief to women and children in need in a manner that will improve their overall quality of life. If women are given an opportunity for education, adequate health care, economic self-reliance, and involvement in their own progress, their all-round health and well-being will, in turn, be reflected in the improved welfare of their children and community.

Our work is global in scope and individual in practice. We believe all have an equal right to the basic necessities of life, given in a manner that conveys sincere caring. We feel it is integral to our mission that all service be based on a respect for local customs, religions, language and the individual, and provide for the continued self-empowerment of all.


  • Every human being has the right to the basic necessities of life: food, clothing, shelter, medical care, and education.
  • The resources of this earth should be utilized in a just and responsible manner to meet those needs.
  • Every human being, regardless of race, creed, gender, color, or social status is a dignified member of the human family and should be treated with respect and compassion.
  • It is only by showing respect for women and ensuring their integration and active participation in the development process that harmonious growth in the family, community, and society can be achieved.
  • Whether responding to a disaster or developing long-term projects, our programs are community-based and work to empower the people we work with.
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