AMURTEL Peru has been working in Paraiso Alto, a neighborhood on the outskirts of Lima since 2001. Yes, there is poverty in Paraiso Alto, but poverty is only part of the picture. We also see people who want the best for their children, who offer a helping hand to a neighbor, and care for the community like it is their family,

Instead of giving for the moment, we have always worked to construct a strong foundation with the community.

We have collaborated with members since 2001 in offering social programs.

Critical Thinking Program

In 2018 we started to teach Critical Thinking to the children in Paraiso Alto as a means to generate a thirst for learning that will benefit them throughout their lives.

Learning Critical Thinking skills offers a way to train the mind to use analytic and reasoning skills as well as positive social habits to understand ideas and information in a profound way.

As we were entering our third year of the Critical Thinking Program, in March 2020, COVID-19 hit Peru. Shortly after the first cases were found, Peru went into lockdown. At this point, we were not able to offer in-person learning and our team began to offer online weekly classes and small group online tutoring programs with volunteers.

Community Soup Kitchens

The long-term economic fallout caused by the virus is almost more devastating for the people of Peru than COVID. Many people who live in the very poor areas of Lima, like Paraiso Alto, have lost their jobs.

The solution for the poor is to work together so that everyone can eat. In Paraiso Alto, the people have formed 16 “olla comunes” or street soup kitchens. The people have made these kitchens through their own efforts, out of their own need, without government help.