Baan Unrak (House of Joy) is a non-government, non-religious, non-political community development project founded in 1990 to serve the people in need in Sangklaburi, Thailand. Our primary mission is to provide housing, food, education, emotional support and opportunities to vulnerable children on the Thai-Myanmar border. Our children’s home is integrated with a variety of supporting projects, aimed to benefit the whole community.

Neo-Humanism is the guiding principle of Baan Unrak. It is an ecological and holistic philosophy – a spirit of love and kindness.

Children’s Village

The Children’s Village provides food, housing, emotional support, and educational opportunities to over 130 children. Baan Unrak Children’s Home, established in 1991 in Thailand by the Neohumanist Foundation, has given children and mothers a home and hope for a better future. Baan Unrak provides a home and education to children and gainful employment to single mothers.

Primary School

In 2005, a fully accredited primary school was created to develop the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual capacities of each child. Today, the school educates over 250 children from our children’s home and the community.

Local Relief Programs

Baan Unrak organizes regular relief programs in the surrounding villages and refugee camps; distributing food and clothing, medical assistance, counseling, and legal advice to the neediest people along the Thai-Myanmar border. Baan Unrak teenagers manage most of the relief programs.

Weaving and Sewing Project

Baan Unrak helps mothers earn income and support their children. A sewing and weaving center was set up in 1995 with the support of the British Embassy and the New Zealand Embassy to provide vocational training and employment to abandoned mothers. The center produces scarves, textiles and ready-to-wear clothing, and provides destitute mothers with stable employment.