Sabana Grande is a very poor, semi-rural area of Managua. Many of the people living there do not have access to affordable health care. To meet the needs of the people, in 2012, the WWD-F Foundation/Bien Mujer opened a clinic focused on healing through naturopathic medicine while basing its fees on patients’ incomes.

In addition to naturopathic healing, the clinic also offers counseling to their patients. A team of collaborators helps patients by providing positive support in their daily lives, as well as support in life changes through educational workshops and self-care. The workshops focus on nutrition, emotion management, relaxation techniques, among other topics. All of this work has provided effective health benefits to this community.

Depending of their financial circumstances, some patients receive free treatment. Due to the extent and breadth of each treatment, the clinic sees approximately 10 patients per week.

Currently, the demand in patients has increased, due to the success obtained in curing diseases, and also because the patients work hard to take care and build their immune systems as a preventive measure. It is our wish to be able to provide greater coverage for the benefit of everyone’s health; the challenge is having more resources to achieve it.

Music Education Program for Children

Music has been found to help children recognize their creative abilities and music education also enhances their social, artistic, and emotional development. Patricia, along with her team of teachers, professionals, collaborators and volunteers, started a music school in Sabana Grande for children between the ages of 5-18 years old.

The school has classes in keyboard, guitar, and flute. Most of the instruments are provided by the school.