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Baan Unrak is a non-government, non-religious, non-political community development project founded in 1991 to serve the people in need of Sangklaburi, Thailand.  We focus on supporting  children and mothers in our community.

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  • Baan Unrak Children’s Village
  • Baan Unrak Primary School
  • Self Empowerment: sewing and weaving centre.
  • Social Service


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Baan Unrak Children’s Village

The primary part of our mission is our children’s village, which provides food, housing, emotional support  and educational opportunities to over 140 children. Baan Unrak children’s home, established in 1991 in Thailand by the Neohumanist Foundation, has given children and  mothers a home and hope for a better future. Baan Unrak–or “House of Joy”– founded by Didi Ananda Devamala from Verona, Italy, and Didi Ananda Anuraga from Norway, provides a home and education to some 140 children and gainful employment to single mothers. You can learn more about Baan Unrak on their website: www.baanunrak.org

Baan Unrak Primary School

Founded in 2005, our fully-accredited primary  school  develops the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual capacities of each child. Today, the school educates over 250 children from our children’s home and the community.


Baan Unrak helps mothers earn income and support their children. A sewing and weaving center was set up in 1995 with the support of the British Embassy and the New Zealand Embassy to provide employment to abandoned mothers. The center produces scarves, textiles and ready-to-wear clothing, and provides destitute mothers with stable employment.

Social Services

Baan Unrak organises regular relief programs in the surrounding villages and refugee camps distributing food and clothing; Baan Unrak teenagers manage most of the relief programs. A mobile medical unit established in 2003 at Baan Unrak provides the community with medical care. The medical unit provides villagers with education regarding primary health care, nutrition, birth control, and the prevention of HIV/AIDS and other diseases.

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VIDEO: Baan Unrak Children House




VIDEO: Every month the children have a little birthday party for all of them. This video was taken by a participating child.